What Do Our Windows Mean?

This world is arrayed against God’s people and Satan wishes to crush Christ’s church. Even worse, our own nature is in rebellion to God and does not want to submit to him. Christ’s church is under pressure from within and without.

But God has given His church simple, practical means to strengthen and encourage. These are called the Means of Grace and are what our windows represent.

Each Lord’s day, they remind the congregation of the simple, ordinary means that we have been given and calls them to partake of the Means of Grace constantly.


The sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper were given to us by Christ. They are meant as signs of God’s work and for the strengthening of Christ’s Church.

God’s Word

The God who created this universe has spoken to His Creation. The Bible is written by God and is given to us to teach us about God.


Not only has God spoken to us, he invites, nay, commands us to speak to Him. Through prayer we learn humility; to rely on God for all things.